Into the Rough: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

So, the UK’s three-week lockdown has come and gone. Yet, here we are: still confined largely to our homes and still prevented from setting foot on Goswick — for who knows how much longer.

There are worse things. Much worse. Just ask anyone you know who works in the NHS.

Still, life without golf does leave a hole — in all of us. At first, watching reruns of the various tours’ greatest hits might have been enough to at least partially fill it. And spending time with a good golf book is always a welcome distraction.

But, if you’re like me, those strategies are starting to lose their lustre. I don’t want to just watch or read about the game. I want to play it, or at least something that vaguely resembles golf. That means swinging a club. Hitting a ball. Toward a target.

The scintillating video above gives you a glimpse of how I’m managing to do that. Thanks to the very good fortune to live in a house with a sizable garden. And to still have in my possession the Goswick mat issued to me at the start of the winter season.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Rolling six-foot putts on the dining room carpet and hitting 20-yard chip shots to a patch of scraggly grass pales in comparison to a tour around Goswick and its glorious links land — in the warmth of a lovely spring day. But it’s at least a small step in that direction.

It’s also an elaborate prelude to this question: What are you doing to manage?

We’d really like to know, whether you’re a Goswick member or a visitor — or you aspire to be one or the other. If you’d just like to describe your coping strategy in words, that works. If you can capture it in photos or video clips, that’s even better. Either way please send your contribution via email to Rory Davidson, Club Secretary at

We’ll upload the best responses to this space. Hopefully they’ll help fill the void and tied us over until we can once again indulge in the real thing.

Right now, no one knows when that day will come. But it will. We can be sure of that.

Until then, stay healthy. And do your best to stay sane.