Looking for a True Links Experience? Book Now and Save!

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Golf is now once again being played across the UK. And that is a very good thing.

In celebration of the return of the game, Goswick Golf Links is now offering special value pricing on visitor tee times. A one-ball will remain at the standard £65.00 rate. But book a round with others and you will save. A two-ball is now £120.00, a three-ball £160.00 and a four-ball £190.00. These rates apply no matter when you play, weekday or weekend.

This offer was originally available only through August but has now been extended through October. Click here to book a tee time. When you do, be sure to enter one of the following codes — 2ball, 3ball or 4ball — in the voucher field to ensure you receive the discount.

Then click here to plan your visit. A true links experience, the way the game was meant to be played, awaits.

We look forward to seeing you!