Our Clubhouse is Once Again Open, But with Several Important Caveats

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In a major step along the path back to the full Goswick experience as we once knew it, food and drink is once again on offer in our clubhouse.

While we are thrilled to reopen the doors to our bar and dining room, we remain vigilant in the need to continue to adhere to the government guidelines to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission on and about our links.

So please be aware that:

  • Face coverings are required whilst inside — Except when seated to eat or drink.
  • We offer table service only — If you’d like food or drink, please take a seat in the bar or dining room. Do not place your order or stand at the bar.
  • You must maintain social distancing — Tables have been positioned so that everyone can sit at least two metres apart, without the need for protective screening. So please do not move any tables or chairs.
  • Seating is limited — Only 15 players will be allowed in the bar. To increase capacity in the dining room, we have put up sneeze screens on each of the tables. If it’s busy, please do not drop in just to sit and talk with others. Enter only if you intend to order food or drink.
  • You should start in the bar — Please take a seat in the bar if available. Proceed to the dining room only if the bar is at capacity. This makes it easier for the catering staff to monitor who needs to be served.
  • You might need to wait outside — If no seats are available inside, please wait outside the main entrance (adjacent to the car park) in a way that maintains proper social distancing and does not block the entrance for those who need access to the toilets.
  • Outside service is available — If you prefer, you can take a seat at the picnic tables outside the main entrance and we will serve you there. Please designate one member of your group to enter the bar and notify the staff that you would like someone to come out and take your order.
  • We must ask for your name and tee time — When you place your order, a member of the staff needs to identify who you are and when you will or did start your round. This is a requirement of the government’s track and trace system. This information must be kept for 21 days. You have two options: 1) scan the NHS QR code on the notice board in the hallway, on the door entering the bar area or at your table with the assistance of the staff; or 2) simply provide the required information verbally to a member of the staff.
  • We can accommodate society groups of up to 12 players — But be advised that only six people can be in one area at a time. This applies to food and drink as well as prize presentations.
  • Menu options are limited — We are currently offering a restricted range of food and drink items that are listed on a blackboard that you can view from a distance.
  • Self-service coffee is NOT available — Please ask the staff is you’d like a cup of coffee.
  • Staffing is limited — For now, only two members of the catering staff are on duty at any one time. One works in the kitchen while the other is in the front of house. So please be patient when placing and waiting for your order.
  • You should avoid touching any surface unnecessarily — This will lighten the burden on staff, which must clean all tables and chairs after each use.
  • You should pay by card — Please avoid using cash if at all possible.
  • Traffic flows in one direction — Enter via the main entrance and exit via the dining room. This helps to minimize congestion at the main entrance.
  • You should sanitize your hands both coming and going — Please use the provided hand sanitizer as you enter the clubhouse and as you exit it.
  • Our doors are kept open as much as possible — This maximizes airflow and minimizes the need for door handles to be touched.
  • You should only enter the clubhouse if you feel well — If you have any health issues or think you might have COVD-19 symptoms, please do not come to the club.
  • Normal opening times are 9am to 5pm — Last orders for food is 4:30pm and for drinks 4:45pm, except for Tuesdays when the bar will remain open until 30 minutes after darkness (if there is demand). These times might vary if there is a competition or other event on.

These are the current ground rules. But know that they are subject to change if needed to continue to operate within government guidelines. And all on-course guidelines remain firmly in place.

Your cooperation with and support of these efforts is greatly appreciated.