The Goswick Golf Withdrawal Series: Day 4

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On the evening of Monday the 23rd of March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented a national three-week lockdown in an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19. Goswick Golf Links is, of course, complying with this policy.

In response, here is the first in what we anticipate will be a series of posts about what our members are doing to compensate. It is offered by the Goswick men’s captain, who took the stunning photo of the 1st green above.

What is your name?

Paul Holmes

Where do you live?


When did you become a member at Goswick?

A full member? That was 1984. But I had been a junior member before then joining in circa 1969.

What’s the one thing you miss the most about it during the shutdown?

Hard to pick one thing but, if forced, I’d say the constant change and different challenges that each game of golf brings.

What’s one thing you are doing to try to fill the void?

I’ve been very busy in my garden. Tidying and weeding. And I’ve discovered the winter fairway tee mats are great for protecting the lawn when doing chipping practice!