The Goswick Golf Withdrawal Series: Day 49

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So it looks like, starting Wednesday, golf courses in England will be allowed to reopen — at least to solo golfers and those who share the same household. Could this be the last post in this series? Let’s hope!

What is your name?

Eric Johnson

Where do you live?


When did you become a member at Goswick?


What’s the one thing you miss the most about it during the shutdown?

Seeing family, playing golf and meeting friends.

What’s one thing you are doing to try to fill the void?

I now have a very tidy garage, shed, patio, decorated kitchen and have done other minor jobs, I have regripped all of my clubs and golf shoes now all with new studs, so no excuse then.

Hope all members are safe and well, and hope Andy McCreath is on his way to a speedy recovery.