The Goswick Golf Withdrawal Series: Day 6

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On the evening of Monday the 23rd of March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented a national three-week lockdown in an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19. Goswick Golf Links is, of course, complying with this policy.

In response, here is the second in a series of posts about what our members are doing to compensate. It is offered by the Goswick ladies’ captain.

What is your name?

Clare Taylor

Where do you live?


When did you become a member at Goswick?

October 2016

What’s the one thing you miss the most about it during the shutdown?

The feeling I get from hitting a little white ball to exactly where I want it to land. Such as using my 5-wood to float the ball onto the 1st green (and not have it roll back down the hill). Or my 7-wood over the gorse on the 2nd to land next to the flag. There’s nothing like it. 

What’s one thing you are doing to try to fill the void?

One thing? That’s not enough. I’m keeping active both physically and mentally. I have a structured day with online classes and a daily walk. That keeps my steps up to at least 12,000-16,000 a day, even if it means running up and down the stairs. I’m also reading more: books and magazines, but limiting my social media. That’s helping to keep me mentally busy. And I’m painting, inspired by all the beautiful landscapes around where I live. That’s my go-to stress buster.