The Super 17th: Today’s Golfer Includes it On Its List of the 50 Best Par 5s in GB&I

We’re big fans of all 18 of our holes at Goswick. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t thoroughly chuffed to learn that Today’s Golfer is especially enamoured with the 17th, including it on its new list of the 50 best par 5s in Britain and Ireland.

Here’s how they described it:

“From the elevated tee of ‘Stonehenge’, you’ll immediately be struck by the deep cross bunkers — out of range to all but the biggest hitters. Aim for the one on the left for the best line and to protect a scorecard…it’s then a case of laying up short of the two bunkers protecting the entrance to a rolling, raised green.”

Unfortunately, as we’re currently in lockdown, you can’t experience it for yourself. But our drone flyover video tour is the next best thing.

The magazine didn’t publish its website. So to check out the rest of the top 50, you’ll have to do this the old fashioned way and pick up a printed copy.