Environmentally Sustainable

We are committed to protecting our sweeping natural landscape.

We at Goswick are understandably very proud of our links, not only as a venue that gives rise to golf in its most exhilarating form but also as part of a sweeping natural landscape we feel compelled to nurture and care for to the benefit of all who call it home. As such, we are deeply honoured to have achieved certification by the GEO Foundation, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping golf deliver and be recognised for its positive impact on people and nature.

In issuing its certification, the GEO noted that:

  • Goswick lies in a very sensitive location, immediately adjacent to extensive wildlife sites of international importance;
  • the club’s traditional low intensity management has ensured that the habitat continuity between the golf course and the protected areas has not been compromised in any way;
  • the club is rightly proud of its high quality bent/fescue playing surfaces, which provide excellent golfing conditions;
  • Goswick's management of these surfaces is designed to ensure that their character is fully retained;
  • the club does this in ways which provide a very good exemplar of sustainable management, utilising low quantities of water, fertiliser and herbicides/pesticides; and
  • Goswick's greenkeeping team is knowledgeable and committed in doing this.
Further, the GEO concluded:

  • the club’s management and members are fully on board with this environmentally sensitive approach, and have a good appreciation of the high-quality course which results;
  • the club is committed to applying good environmental practice across all aspects of its operation;
  • this includes an impressive recycling system for re-use of spent course materials such as bunker sand, old riveting, aeration cores and grass clippings, which is subsequently used for root zone and divot work;
  • the club also demonstrates real commitment to wider environmental good practice through investing in two hybrid ride-on mowers, and incorporating energy efficient lighting and heating systems in refurbished areas of the clubhouse;
  • the club has a strong commitment to the use of local suppliers for as much of their purchases and supplies as possible;
  • and it makes good contributions to the local community through the provision of dedicated golf facilities for local youngsters, through voluntary maintenance of the coastal footpath which crosses the property, and through encouraging visitors to the area to make use of its clubhouse facilities.
Simply put, we take our stewardship of this natural resource very seriously. It is our hope that our sustainable approach to course management will inspire other golf clubs to follow in our footsteps to the benefit of current and future generations.